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South Africa Visit

Image of filmmaker Samson Styles with membrs of Zulu tribe in South Africa

The Zulu Tribe

I remember watching the movie Shaka Zulu and falling in love with the way Shaka held the British at bay and made it his mission to unite Africa. The British had underestimated King Shaka’s military skills and wit.

Fast forward the British used the divide and conquer method to finally defeat Shaka and then they colonized South Africa. Even though Black Africans were the majority they were treated like second and third class citizens in their own land with the laws of apartheid which was similar to the United States Jim Crow laws of the South.

Nelson Mandela was a freedom fighter during South Africa’s apartheid and he was jailed for 27 years. He lived in this house which is now a tourist attraction.

After serving 27 years in Prison Nelson Mandela was released and became president of South Africa. He changed the constitution and helped to end apartheid. He’s almost on all the money printed there and is memorialized all over the country.

I was invited to the radio station in Johannesburg, 1873 fm to talk about my reason for visiting South Africa and my documentary KILLING BEEF ‘Gun Violence in the Black Community.’ We also had some jokes.

The people there were very welcoming and threw rooftop parties for us.

People from Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa made homemade dishes for us and we broke bread like one big family.

My big sister Andrea Holmes Thompkins is responsible for introducing South Africa to me and my wife Tyese. We made contacts there and we felt right at home. I didn’t want to leave. We will be going back there as frequent as possible.